Sheffield - The Factory: Age 18+

From GBP £79.99
  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Sheffield, Sheffield
  • Product code: SHZI

- 3 Hours of award winning immersive entertainment in squads (6-10)
- Optional weapon upgrades (choose from 4 different strategic types)
- Set in a 120,000sqft 4 storey factory in the heart of Sheffield
- Free photos with cast and crew on survival as mementos
- Film realistic SFX zombies
- Limited dates available
- 18+ Only
Perfect for Stag and Hen parties.

Synopsis :- "Sheffield was a covert test site where an isolated ZI regiment were working to understand the behavior & cognitive capacity of the infected. You're advised that the last communication from the site came in the form of a distress call sent by one of the on-site virologists 24 hours ago who advised that the facility had come under attack from an unquarantined rebel group believing that the infected are lost souls and can be saved. Since there was only a small security force on site, they were unable to contain the attack resulting in mass breakouts and an almost instant increase of infected numbers. Reports from Harvertech satellites suggest that the facility has succumbed to a fire which has caused considerable damage to the structure. A Harvertech sentinel AI has been deployed and now monitors the facility. Staff on site must be rescued & important data retrieved before the sentinel activates a purge."

Where will you hide in this enormous abandoned factory, the main floors, the stairwells, toilets or workers offices. Will you venture across the sky bridge into the old administration block, or down to the dark, eerie loading bay? What is for certain, the dead will hunt you down so you'll need to grab your weapon (upgraded if you can handle it!) pick your squad leaders, work out your tactics and join the fight!

Known as the "home" of Zombie Infection our creative team have crafted a zombie experience like no other! Suitable for small groups and large stag/hen parties its the perfect mission for any hard core zombie fan.

Please note this is 18+ only, late arrivals or guest arriving intoxicated may be refused entry. Eye protection will be provided for your protection and must be worn at all times.