Sheffield - The Factory: Age 18+

Sheffield - The Factory: Age 18+
Fra GBP 69,99 £
  • Varighed: 3 Timer (Ca.)
  • Sted: Sheffield, Sheffield
  • Produkt kode: SHZI

Your Zombie Infection Experience Event will last approximately 3 hours and consist of objective based gaming and the instinct for survival.  You will be fighting through free roaming Zombies with missions and objectives set to test the nerve and endurance of all Zombie Infection survivors.

Where will you hide in this abandoned factory, the main floors, the stairwells, toilets or side offices.  Will you venture accross the skybridge into the old administration block, or down to the loading bay.  Is anywhere safe..........

Your tasks will vary and your team will be work together to complete the set missions in whichever way you see fit before the opposing teams do. The winning team will be extracted and the others left to rot with the walking dead.  You dont need to book in as a team though, tickets are available or parties of 1 to 36 (subject to availability) and its a great way to make new friends, either human or undead......

Upon arrival you will be issued with your eye protection and your weapon for the evening: We use life like replica airsoft weapons that fire a 6mm projectile. But don’t worry we will train you to use these weapons by undergoing weapons training to ensure you are fit and ready to fight the zombie hordes that lay ahead.

Please make sure you bring sustenance as the event can be demanding at times.

We look forward to welcoming you to Zombie Infection very soon!

** The event starts from the moment you arrive - be prepared.