ZI Membership 2021

From GBP £249.99
  • Duration: 365 Days (approx.)
  • Product code: ZISUB21
How does a ZI "Captain" sound?

Would you like to take part in our two time award winning events whenever you want and where ever you want!?

Would you love to show your friends and family just how good you are at zombie hunting AND book them in with a sweet 50% discount?

The Zombie Infection "Captain's Membership" is here. Take advantage of all our events all year round when you want, where you want for just £249.99.

When you sign up to be a ZI Captain you're not just signing up for our events. You're becoming part of the crew. You'll receive a unique ZI patch, exclusive t-shirt and member ship card that gives you access to multiple discounts on zombie merchandise! It's the greatest gift for any zombie fan.

12 months worth of events for £249.99 is a crazy deal. With more locations, chapters and innovations coming in 2021 you could return that investment in just a single month. You could attend our 2020 award winning "Workshop" event in Somerset where you'll explore this huge Prison Workshop whilst being hunted by our professionally trained infected. Or why not try our late night Forest experience in Nottingham where you'll have a 40 ache woodland to navigate!

No expense has been spared creating our amazing events, now in our 6th year we've challenged 10's of 1000's of happy customers against our infected hordes. With more than 1000 5* reviews across multiple channels we'll ensure you have the greatest time of your life.

Hit the button and sign up ZI Captain!

Please note this does not include any events prices above £79.99 such as our 5 hours specials. However you can use the 50% discount on these events!